Food Truck Glorious Food Truck!

So, you thought that maybe owning a food truck would be a great way to make some fast cash while not slaving for the MAN ( or the WOMAN) or cooking for someone else’s dream restaurant.

Yes, it is great, and fun and interesting, but, first,   it  is  A LOT of work.

I have a saying: How do you spell DREAM?  W O R K.  Why?…

‘Because Food Trucks take a whole lot of time, energy, resources, supplies, insurances, permits, registrations, health and fire inspections, etc. , etc.

Not to say it may not be worth it, IT CAN BE.  You just have to be able to park yourself at one or multiple locations with TONS of people in the area.

My bottom line ratio is 100 to 5. At the early stages of setting up a food truck at any given BUSY spot, AND  If there are one hundred people in that  given area, at meal times, roughly 5 will get something from the truck until later when the popularity grows.

Oh, and we must not forget Mr. Murphy and Mother Nature. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong; and  rain and snow and cold temps make for a tough road to hoe when serving gourmet fast food to the public. They need a warm, dry spot to eat, besides their car.

I  must digress. Often we want to buy or we actually DO buy a truck or a vehicle that can be turned into a food truck. THEN we have to renovate it, usually, and set it up the way we want it, and to satisfy the requirements of the health and safety codes.  This takes capital and time and patience.

Even the smallest detail associated with renovating or building a decent food truck requires focused planning and execution. And money. Did I say money?  Ok, so now that I have turned a dark cloud over this subject…NEXT time i will discuss some really GREAT aspects of owning and running a food truck. UNTIL THEN,   happy trails. EVAN E> at the OCD Odessa NY.

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Lucuma Latte

nice idea. NOW…set to open may 2014.

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Hemisphere Coffee Roasters: Mobile Coffee in Clintonville.


CMH Gourmand - Eating in Columbus & Ohio

While driving to work on September 11th I caught a trailer with a line of one out of the corner of my eye. The trailer was parked at the corner of Indianola and Blenheim/Northridge. I was a bit surprised because the Boston Berts mobile food trailer has been parked less than 200 feet away for 5 or more years and there was a trailer parked in the Bert’s spot for years before then, I now because in lived at that corner from 1993 to 2002. The Boston Bert’s does a slow but steady business serving the workers at the Marzetti plant across the street. But I could not imagine that this strip could support two mobile vendors.

I quickly turned off Indianola to investigate this novel folly but within a few second, my skepticism disappeared. Why? The easy answer is one word: Coffee. Coffee in an area that sees 1000’s…

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Coming to Cinemapolis: Neil LaBute’s ‘In a Forest, Dark and Deep’

i only play one, on the stage.

Pass the Popcorn

Anne Marie Cummings and Evan Stewart Eisenberg in "Into the Forest, Dark and Deep." Photo taken by Wendy Houseworth. Anne Marie Cummings and Evan Stewart Eisenberg in “In the Forest, Dark and Deep.” Photo courtesy of the Readers’ Theatre of Ithaca, taken by Wendy Houseworth.

A middle-aged woman sits on a hardwood floor, marked off by black tape. In front of her is a cardboard box and a pile of books — Fitzgerald, Tolstoy, Hemingway — which she packs and unpacks for the next 95 minutes.

Come March 7th through 9th, she’ll be sitting on a 16-by-4 inch platform — raised two feet in the air — in one of Cinemapolis‘s 90-seat theatres. But for now, Anne Marie Cummings of the Readers’ Theatre of Ithaca is rehearsing a dramatic staged reading of Neil LaBute’s psychological thriller “In a Forest, Dark and Deep.”

Directed by Ithaca College professor Cynthia Henderson, “In a Forest, Dark and Deep” features a sister/brother duo: Betty (Cummings), an English professor, and Bobby (Evan Stewart…

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On Sunday Afternoons at Lake Como

On Sunday Afternoons at Lake Como.


like others have said, your pics give a real sense of being there, presence.

can hear the sounds, and smell the smells.  lovely. vicariously, i travel, with you.


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ODESSA COFFEE set to open in late May 2013!


ODESSA COFFEE set to open in late May 2013!  Housed in the old ODESSA HARDWARE store located at 205 E. Main St.,  we will be featuring locally sourced coffee from Bob & June’s Coffee, Local Baked Goods, and many other local and regional foods, beverages and products.

Fow now, we are “under construction”, creating a mini-cafe in the heart of the ODESSA, NY, in the heart of the Finger Lakes, in the heart of NY State, and hopefully in the hearts and minds of people from all over. Look out for our Grand Opening. THANK YOU. Evan E.

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